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Spa Babies – What We Do

Established In April 2019, Spa Babies is the UK’s first ever dedicated baby spa experience, which has gone on to pioneer and lead the way for others.

The award winning classes are designed for babies between 0-10 months old. The spa is a 75 minute parent and baby bonding experience. A full sensory experience: lights out, relaxing scent and calming music help create the perfect Spa Babies’ environment. Babies will experience our hydro-spa baths, positive touch guidance and baby facials, to help encourage parent-baby bonding. Finish by capturing a unique Spa Babies’ photo in our mini Spa Babies’ photoshoot.

Why We Do It

Some parents feel an intense attachment within the first minutes or days after their baby’s birth. For others it may take longer. But bonding is a process, not something that takes place within minutes and not something that has to be limited to happening within a certain time period after birth. For many parents, bonding is a byproduct of everyday care giving. You may not even know it’s happening until you see your babies first smile and suddenly realise that your filled with love and joy. At Spa Babies each spa accommodates only 4 babies to help create that intimate experience and encourage this bonding process. Its a chance for not only babies to relax but parents too, using our very own Baby Robes , Turban towels and no spa is complete without  spa slippers. 


Meet the Team

The Spa Baby Lady

During my maternity leave I found it incredibly difficult to go to any baby groups and get involved, my first boy cried me out of nearly ever class I went to so I ended up feeling alone or like I just didn’t fit in. I became riddled with anxiety. Then on my second maternity with two young children I lost my nan, my second mother, my rock, ME! My mental health went from bad to worse. Spa Babies was/is my silver lining and was inspired by what I myself had and was still going through. I wanted to help other parents who may also be having a hard time. It’s key focus is parent baby bonding but honestly it’s more about YOU THE PARENTS.

The aim is that upon leaving you feel RELAXED, UPLIFTED and to have CREATED LIFE LONG MEMORIES which you can capture with you cameras throughout the session. It is your chance to leave anxieties outside the door.


Hi I am Debra married with a son aged 23. Family is my everything and we are blessed with all being very close. I have enjoyed various roles over the years qualifying as a nursery nurse, joining the NHS as a community nursery nurse, qualified baby massage and baby signing teacher. I was a teaching Assistant and Autism Lead in a primary school for 13 years and for the last 2 years have ran Art sessions in care homes for the elderly and also settings for disabled adults. All these experiences have led me to the wonderful Spa Babies. I know from having my son who is my joy, but never slept and general life experiences the importance of having time to relax and leave worries and anxieties at the door, and how invaluable that is. I look forward to creating this experience for you and your babies,  which will help you make some truly magical memories. 


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For babies 0-9 months

Enjoys from birth to the age of 9 months. Visit us as often as you like during this period.

75 minutes

75 minutes of guilt free you and baby time like no other.

Parent and baby bonding

Intimate sessions of just 4 to give you and baby that all important bonding space.

Full sensory experience

Our spa is designed to relax all of yours and baby’s senses.

Lights out

Our dimly lit venues and sensory lights make for a special feeling.

Relaxing scent

The relaxing scents are known to help calm and soothe you and baby.

Calming music

Our calming music enhances the whole baby spa experience for parent and child.

Perfect Spa Babies environment

Our spas consist of relaxing light, scents and music, making for a perfect environment.

Spa baths

Our baby hydro-spa baths will allow your little one to experience the whirlpool and bubble whispering jets as well as introducing them to a shower, which for some, may be the first time.

Positive touch guidance

The gentle touch stimulates nerve endings which leads to a release endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin, often referred to as love hormones, a great way to help the bonding process.

Baby facials

Give your baby the ultimate mini facial with our highly popular locally sourced comfort balm.

Finish with a photo

Capture the day with a mini Spa Babies’ photoshoot, with the opportunity to have 4 digitally enhanced.