Please see our COVID-19 page which lists in detail what we as Spa Babies have put into place, following government guidelines.

A session is 75 minutes long.

Yes, you can bring 1 other adult along to the session (daddys, nannys e.t.c. are always welcome).

Nothing but yourselves. We provide everything you will need for your Spa Babies experience, however if you would like to capture the wonderful moments and your very own Spa Photo at the end please bring your phone or camera.

You are welcome to bring your own oils or lotions to the sessions. We use a product called ‘Comfort Balm’ by The Honest Skincare company. This was chosen specifically for its kindness to baby’s sensitive skin. Parents of babies with eczema have gone on to purchase this from us as they have said it really calms and soothes the skin.

SCENT FREE Organic Calendula, Organic Borage & Shea Butter. A gentle soothing balm. Perfect for soothing sore and flared areas.

Our Spa Babies sessions are designed to help parent and baby relax and bond. However, we know that babies will be babies and peace and quiet may be rare. We do not for one moment expect your baby to be quiet and nobody else in the class will either (we are all or have all been in the same boat). Just remember that if you are relaxed your baby will pick up your energy and will feel calmer.

Spa Babies welcomes babies from birth through to 10 months. 

Absolutely. Actually, we highly recommend multiple visits as your baby will experience very different things at differing ages as their senses change. We regularly have frequent returning parents. You are welcome to book as many times as you want.

Yes. At the end of each session we give you the opportunity to buy our baby robes and the balm used throughout your session. A discount will be added if bought as a bundle on the day.

Of course. However, due to the Covid 19 precautions we have had to put into place, we can no longer allow you into the Spa prior to the session starting. Your session will start on time and you are welcome to feed your baby at any time throughout the Spa Babies’ hour.

Spa Babies offers discounts for twins. If you are bringing twins, please get in touch with us before making your booking, to receive a code which entitles you to a £5 discount when booking.

Please note: Due to you having 2 of everything including baths a second adult needs to attend with you and your babies. 

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